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Willie Lightfoot VS Demond Meeks

Willie Lightfoot (left) and Demond Meeks (right)

Willie Lightfoot, a dedicated public servant and lifelong resident of Rochester, has made the decision to run for the assembly seat in the state's 137th district. This seat is currently held by Demond Meeks — a comparison between the two men reveals their unique strengths and commitments to the community. 

As City Councilman, Willie Lightfoot has been vocal about addressing urgent issues such as gun violence, education, and family matters in Rochester and Gates. His focus on these critical areas demonstrates his dedication to improving the lives of residents in his community. 

On the other hand, Assemblyman Meeks has advocated for quality education, fair wages, workers' rights, and social justice. With his background as an Administrative organizer with 1199SEIU, he has represented thousands of healthcare sector employees, fighting for improved wages, benefits, and dignity in the workplace. His experience in mobilizing workers and advocating for their rights showcases his commitment to creating a fair and just society. 

Willie J. Lightfoot's impressive background further highlights his dedication to public service. As a former United States Air Force veteran, he served in Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom before retiring as a City of Rochester firefighter. His experience as a Monroe County Legislator representative for a decade, where he played a key role in committees focused on public safety and human services, demonstrates his commitment to serving his community in various capacities. 

Lightfoot's involvement with various boards and organizations showcases his deep commitment to his community. Notably, he founded the "Cut the Violence Initiative" (CTVI), a program aimed at preventing violence and criminal activities among at-risk youth in Rochester's inner city. His tireless efforts in this area have earned him recognition and numerous community awards. 

In addition to his public service, Lightfoot is a business owner. He is the owner of a real estate investment company and unisex salon, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. He also established the United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologist Association (UPBCA), supporting small barbering businesses and professionals in the Rochester region. 

Education has been a cornerstone of Lightfoot's journey, as evidenced by his multiple collegiate degrees. With associate degrees in Business Administration and Fire Science, as well as a bachelor's degree from Empire State College, he has prioritized expanding his knowledge and skills. 

Assemblyman Meeks, on the other hand, has been actively involved in various community initiatives. He has been a member of the Parent Leadership Training Institute Civic Design Team since its inception, focusing on teaching parents how to become change agents for the betterment of children's health, safety, and learning. He is also an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated and has been involved in mentorship programs for youth. 

Both Lightfoot and Meeks have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to their communities. They have received awards for their dedication to civil and human rights, community service, and social justice. Their commitment to improving the standard and quality of living for all residents of Rochester is evident in their actions and accomplishments.

As State Assemblyman, Demond Meeks has utilized various methods to keep the community informed about issues, including social media platforms, traditional mailings, and town hall meetings. This approach demonstrates his commitment to engaging with constituents and addressing their concerns. 

Ultimately, both Willie Lightfoot and Demond Meeks are servant leaders dedicated to the people they represent. Through their unique backgrounds, experiences, and commitments, they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of Rochestarians. Who will you vote for this year?


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