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Monroe County Legislature Rejects Funding Study

The debate over funding a study to explore the potential replacement of Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) with a public utility system has sparked a heated discussion in Monroe County. City Council Member Mary Lupien and the UR Student Association have voiced their support for the study, citing concerns over RG&E's billing practices and the need for a more equitable and reliable energy system. However, the Monroe County Legislature's recent rejection of the proposal has left many residents wondering about the future of their energy services.

The Monroe County Legislature has rejected the proposal for funding a study on public utilities, with a vote of 16 to 13 against allocating $1 million for the investigation. This study aimed to address concerns and complaints surrounding RG&E's billing practices.

Following the announcement of the vote results, supporters of the feasibility study voiced their disappointment in the legislature chambers. Community groups have been urging county officials to support an independent review to replace RG&E with a non-profit, community-owned utility potentially.

The City of Rochester had already committed $500,000 towards the study, pending approval from the county. RG&E expressed gratitude for the legislature's decision, while advocates for the study lamented the missed opportunity.

RG&E Communications Manager Alexis Arnold emphasized the company's efforts to enhance customer service and reliability, noting that the controversy has distracted their Rochester-based employees.

Metro Justice's organizing director, Mohini Sharma, criticized the legislature's decision, stating that the community deserves the chance to make an informed decision about their energy sources. Despite the setback, Metro Justice confirmed it is determined to explore other avenues for pursuing a public utility study.


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