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Mayor Evans Targets Homeownership

Mayor Malik Evans says he has been dedicated to addressing the needs of renters and landlords for the past 2 years. He called upon the Housing Quality Task Force to establish partnerships, improve City programs, and coordinate efforts with state, county, and partner organizations to boost homeownership opportunities and provide better assistance to existing homeowners.

"Homeownership is a key way for families to build wealth and create stability for future generations," Evans emphasized. "We must concentrate on empowering homeowners to maximize the value of their homes, while also assisting renters in transitioning to homeownership to establish roots and invest in themselves and our city."

The Housing Quality Task Force was formed in February 2022 with a 90-day mandate to develop policies and programs to enhance housing quality in Rochester. Since then, the City has implemented a Landlord-Tenant Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, expanded its code enforcement team, introduced an online property management platform, and compiled a database of vacant properties. Evans affirmed that initiatives like the Buy The Block program and the Rochester Land Bank contributed to the increase of available quality housing. Evans noted that a specialized City team, including a housing attorney, has been established to target non-compliant landlords and address long-standing Certificate of Occupancy and code violation cases.

The mayor believes with these accomplishments under their belt, the Housing Quality Task Force now has 60 business days to broaden its scope, develop strategies for promoting homeownership, offer additional support to current homeowners, and engage new partners.

To learn more about the Rochester Housing Quality Task Force, visit


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