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The Hub585 Rebrands to HOPE585 Reflecting Mission of the Organization, Grounded in the Science of Hope

Dr. Ashley Cross

The Hub585 has officially renamed itself to HOPE585, a change that comes to better align with the mission and vision of the organization.

Dr. Ashley Cross, Executive Director of HOPE585, commented, “As our organization has expanded, we recognized that our name no longer reflected the scope of our mission.” “HOPE585 firmly positions us within the community, emphasizing that hope is not merely a feeling or emotion but a guiding principle that informs both our initiatives and our interactions with youth and families,” she continued. “Through this rebranding, we seek to eliminate any ambiguity about our objectives and reinforce our commitment to empowering the youth and families we support to embrace hope, heal, and thrive.”

Founded in 2018 and grounded in the Science of Hope, HOPE585 is a relationship-centered community where marginalized youth and their families can hope, heal, and thrive. Through its programming, the organization provides mentoring to local foster youth between ages 13-21, manages a community-supported foster home for teen girls and young women preparing to age out of foster care, provides crisis counseling to Rochester youth in crisis, and manages its Care Portal network of churches and community members that meet the immediate needs of system impacted children and families.

Through the Science of Hope, HOPE585 works with system-impacted youth, young adults, and families to establish goals, identify pathways to work toward goals, and increase their willpower to sustain motivation to make progress towards the goals. This work allows HOPE585 to drive toward achieving its vision of a restored community where youth and their families have moved from systemic trauma to place of power and belonging.

About HOPE585:

Founded by Dr. Ashley Cross in 2018 after relocating from Tulsa, OK to Rochester, HOPE585 is dedicated to fulfilling its strategic goals. These include facilitating access and assistance for system-affected youth and families, offering robust support for youth navigating the transition to adulthood, facilitating meaningful connections for youth and families, adopting a service delivery approach centered around healing, raising awareness about the needs of youth and families, and establishing a centralized hub to provide comprehensive support, while ultimately helping families eliminate the involvement of Child Protective Services.

HOPE585 provides multiple programs to support youth and families in the Rochester community. Through these programs, the organization advocates and supports youth in foster care, provides programs and support that gives children in foster care hope and helps them thrive, and focuses on family preservation through visitation support, mentorship, case management and emergency cash assistance. In 2023, the organization opened the first community-supported foster home to teen girls preparing to age out of foster care, matched 25 youth with groups of adult mentors, provided cash assistance to 155 families and youth aging out of foster care, provided counseling and case management for 25 Rochester youth in crisis through the Person’s In Crisis team and provided Monroe County foster parents with over 250 hours of respite.

To learn more about HOPE585 and its work, visit


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