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Recruitment and Retention Bonuses Increased for Current, Future County Employees

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Current and future employees of Monroe County will be receiving higher recruitment and retention bonuses.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and members of the County Legislature announced a bipartisan agreement that will increase the quarterly bonus for full-time employees and new hires to $1,000 from $500 and will run through October 2024.

The measure was voted on and approved at the regular legislative session Tuesday.

Legislators said the recruitment and retention bonuses will help the county remain competitive in keeping talented employees and filling vacant positions.

“I am elated that we are increasing and extending this vital incentive. As we grapple with numerous unfilled positions in County government, this should serve as a powerful recruitment and/or retention tool,” said Legislature President Sabrina LaMar. “We want our most valuable employees, many of whom are barely making $15 an hour, to know that we understand their value, and we want people to know that working in County Government can be a rewarding experience.”

LaMar said that this bonus will serve as a bridge to a future in which all Monroe County employees are paid a living wage.

“The work we do at the County matters, and makes a difference to thousands of people in the community. We need to ensure we’re doing everything we can to provide for our community, and that starts by investing in our workforce to help as many people as we can,” Legislature Minority Leader Yversha Roman.

“This initiative will help us continue to recruit and retain the talented employees who provide the essential services we rely on to protect our public health and wellness, ensure public safety, build and maintain our infrastructure and contribute to our quality of life,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello. “As the nation and county celebrate record low unemployment, this incentive package will help Monroe County more fairly compete with other prospective employers and build our workforce. I encourage job-seekers to explore all Monroe County has to offer.”

The bonuses go into effect April 7, 2023. The maximum individual bonus paid out through this adjusted incentive will be $7,000, in addition to up to $1,500 already received under the prior program.

According to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) report, Monroe County’s unemployment rate in December 2022 was 2.9%. The county’s unemployment rate has not been this low since 1990.

Monroe County employs roughly 4,600 people in numerous career fields.

"The dedicated employees of all County Departments deserve this incentive to keep them performing the vital services they provide each day," added Legislator Rick Milne.


The county has two upcoming open interview events for qualified candidates interested in becoming Child Protective Services caseworkers. The first, takes place on Wednesday, February 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Henrietta Public Library, 625 Calkins Road, 14623, and then on Thursday, February 23 at Coordinated Care Services, Inc., 1099 Jay Street, Building J, 3rd floor, 14611. For more information, visit

For information about additional job openings, visit


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