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Be Informed, Be a Voter, Join the Online RCSD Candidate Forum on Monday, June 12

The Children's Agenda along with its partners at the Bilingual Parent Advisory Council, League of Women Voters, Parent Leadership Advisory Council and Special Education Parent Advisory Council are hosting an online candidate forum so voters can hear from candidates for the Rochester City School District Board of Education.

The forum will be online on Monday, June 12, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

“Voting is not only a right; it is a responsibility,” said Isabel Rosa, Community Advocacy Specialist at The Children’s Agenda. “Whether we are talking about the school board or president of the United States, it is our government and our elected officials that need to represent us. That can only happen when we use the power of the ballot box to speak. When it comes to our children, they are counting on us to speak for them.”

There are seven people running for four seats on the Board of Education. All candidates have been invited and indicated they will attend. The questions that will be asked during the forum were developed in collaboration with a committee of parents. They cover key issues like academic achievement, mental health supports, communication and transparency. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions through an online chat box.

“Parents care deeply about what is happening in their children’s schools,” said Carmen Torres, Parent Advocacy Manager at The Children’s Agenda. “Their voices and leadership are the drivers of this event.”

To watch the forum, sign up at After signing up, you will receive a Zoom link for the event.

The Children’s Agenda is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that advocates for effective policies and drives evidence-based solutions for the health, education and success of children. We are especially committed to children who are vulnerable because of poverty, racism, health inequities and trauma.


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