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Local Artist Shawn Dunwoody Introduces Mural at Rochester Regional Health’s Multicultural Resource Center

Colorful and diverse mural seeks to reflect local community and culture

Shawn Dunwoody

As Minority Health Month comes to a close, Rochester Regional Health (RRH) is proud to shine a spotlight on recent artwork installed at the Multicultural Resource Center by celebrated Rochester artist, Shawn Dunwoody. The mural depicts a lively park filled with people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities, featuring the iconic Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Bridge.

 “When trying to design and think about this piece, we wanted to have those individuals that come into this space see a representation of themselves on the wall. We wanted people to feel connected, safe, and a bit protected” said Dunwoody, who was selected by the community for the project.

RRH’s Multicultural Resource Center is housed within the Joseph C. Wilson Multicultural Medical Campus adjacent to Rochester General Hospital. This campus provides a wide range of RRH services to the surrounding neighborhood including Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics and Orthopedics as well as Imaging and Lab Services. The Multicultural Resource Center is dedicated to providing a variety of relevant services to the uniquely diverse patient population utilizing this campus. These services include legal and employment assistance, nutrition classes and more. The Center boasts a growing roster of community partnerships including Cornell Cooperative Extension, Rochester Works, LawNY, Ibero and TogetherNow. On site also is a small food bank, community conference room, and computer lab with internet access.

“At Rochester Regional Health, we are Rooted in Community” said Dr. LeKeyah Wilson, Pediatrician & Adolescent Medicine Specialist and Director of Community Pediatrics & Wellness at RRH. “The Wilson Multicultural Medical Campus is a space where we can communicate, collaborate and partner with the community directly. This mural speaks to us. As a person of color, I look at that mural and say ‘that’s a reflection of me.’”

“If one takes a moment to look throughout the piece they might find something that they can connect with.” Said Dunwoody. “Whether you are 108 or 8, we wanted to make sure there are points of contact for all ages and people.”

Rochester Regional Health is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds are included, valued, and respected.


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