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Dr. Michael Mendoza, Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health's Statement on Air Quality

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For Immediate Release:

The wildfire smoke is creating a public health hazard in Monroe County, and conditions may deteriorate before they improve.

I am recommending everyone remain indoors as much as possible, with windows and doors closed to limit exposure to outdoor air. If you go outside for a brief period, I encourage you to wear a high quality mask and avoid physical activity. These

recommendations remain in effect until further notice.

To determine whether the smoke poses a health risk for some or all individuals, we rely on the Air Quality Index, or AQI.

This is a nationally uniform index that reports information about common air pollutants, including particles from wildfire smoke. This index is updated throughout the day, and can be accessed

Generally speaking, people with chronic lung or heart conditions, older adults, children and teenagers, pregnant women and outdoor workers are most at-risk for adverse health effects from wildfire smoke. However, when the AQI reaches 200 or above (Purple/Brown), all of us are at elevated risk.

If you have specific concerns about wildfire smoke and your health, please contact your primary care provider.

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07 giu 2023
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Commendations to the Monroe County Health Department for the timely issuance of this very important health advisory.

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