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Congressman Joe Morelle Secures Funding for Program to Lower Energy Costs to Homeowners

Congressman Joe Morelle

A program that provides grants to low-income homeowners to make their homes more energy-efficient, healthier, and safer from environmental hazards, received a financial boost this week.

Rochester ENergy Efficiency and Weatherization (RENEW), an initiative of the Rochester Area Community Foundation (RACF) received a $300,000 federal grant secured by Congressman Joe Morelle.

“I’m proud to have secured funding for RENEW which will help approximately 70 local families make their homes safer and more cost-efficient,” Morelle said.

“Not only will this investment lower costs and strengthen sustainability, but it also targets historically marginalized neighborhoods—helping to bring us one step closer to housing equity.

The RENEW Climate fund was created in 2015 by the RACF and is funded by private and public donations. According to the RACF RENEW has invested over $6.87 million into the homes of hundreds of income-qualified homeowners.

“Clients are experiencing a 20 percent average savings on fuel costs and better physical and mental health outcomes,” notes their website.

"The RENEW program has been a vital source of gap funding to bring critical energy efficiency improvements, replacement roofs, and health and safety repairs to homeowners that could not afford them otherwise,” said Alex Castro, PathStone Corporation President and CEO.

Income-qualified home owners can receive grants to help them make improvements that include insulation, furnaces, hot water heaters, or emergency health and safety repairs including sewer lines and electrical panels.

Congressman Morelle worked to secure this federal funding as part of the Community Project Funding process in the Fiscal Year 2023 Appropriations Package.

To find out if you are eligible for a grant contact one of RENEW’s community partners:

• Action for a Better Community Energy Conservation Program (585.442.4160)

• NeighborWorks Community Partners Rochester Home Energy Services (585.325.4170)

• PathStone Corporation Home Rehabilitation and Energy Services (585.546.3700, ext. 3025)


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