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Village of Waverly - CDBG Housing Rehab Program

Bid Notice


Request for Proposals

Village of Waverly


The Village of Waverly, New York is soliciting proposals for administration and program delivery services for a recently awarded Village-Wide Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program grant of $500,000.  The program is estimated to rehabilitate 17 owner-occupied substandard homes on a Village-wide basis. M/WBE and Section 3 firms are strongly encouraged to respond.

Services to be Provided:

The Village is seeking an individual or firm to provide all administration and program delivery services necessary to implement the proposed Rehabilitation Program including but not limited to, final program design; management and completion of the environmental review; program marketing; application intake and review; construction specifications; bidding and contracting; construction oversight; disbursements; grant reporting and monitoring; and any other actions or responsibilities necessary to administer the grant contract and implement the proposed program according the HUD and NYS Office of Community Renewals guidelines and requirements. The selected individual or firm will also attend meetings, as necessary; and advise Village Board and Mayor in all matters relating to grant.

In addition to administration and program delivery services, the Village is also requesting proposals for project soft costs, specifically lead based painting testing and clearance and BPI certified energy audits.

Proposal Submission Requirements:

1. History of the firm

2. Statement of qualifications, including identification of at least three similar programs that have been administered;

3. A detailed scope of services to be provided. Any services typically involved in the administration and program delivery of a program of this type that are not included in the proposal shall be clearly identified.

4. Relevant references including staff members from NYS OCR that are aware of work experience;

5.  Timetable for completion of projects;

6. Signed cost proposal including a schedule for disbursement of fees and costs for lead paint risk assessments and clearances, and energy audits.  Project costs, including lead based paint and energy audits shall be provided as a lump sum, per project cost.

Evaluation Factors: To be reviewed by the Mayor and Village Board.

Factor - Weight

Qualifications, references, and   staffing -  25%

Experience in similar CDBG programs - 25%

Project management and proposed scope   of work including project schedules and level of services provided - 25%

Cost and reasonableness of fee - 25%

Proposal Submission Deadline:  

The Village of Waverly will accept proposals from qualified consultants and consulting firms until 4:00 pm on February 27, 2023. One signed original proposal shall be provided. Digital proposals will not be considered. Proposals should be clearly marked "RFP-CDBG HOUSING GRANT" on the outside and mailed to the Village Office's at:  

Village of Waverly 

32 Ithaca Street 

Waverly, NY 14892

Selection and award:  

Proposals will be reviewed immediately following the proposal due date and time.  Selection will be made on or about February 28, 2023 with contracts awarded thereafter.

For further information contact Michele Wood, Village Clerk Treasurer, at 607-565-8106 or

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