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Two-Day Conference Offers Whole-Life Development for Women

Dr. LaShunda Leslie-Smith is excited to host the biannual EPIC Women’s Conference taking place Aug. 18-19 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

The two-day series of workshops is a “whole-life conference” that will bring in hundreds of women from all over the region to take time to invest in themselves. The themes of the conference are Esteem, Passion, Inspiration and Courage.

The conference will offer workshops focusing on spirituality, professional development and lifestyle. 22 workshops are scheduled over two days and include topics such as getting started in the real estate business, understanding the power of Godly friendships, and more. There will be industry professionals and leaders presenting the workshops and keynote sessions, including Dr. Leslie-Smith, Pastor Amanda Williams and Pastor Darla Edlin.

Leslie-Smith is a nonprofit leader, visionary, speaker and author. She is the Executive Director of Connected Communities in Rochester and the host of the biannual EPIC Women’s Conference. From a mother at 14 to a CEO at 34, Leslie-Smith describes herself as a builder and pursues to help communities and individuals discover what it is they are meant to do.

Close to 250 women attended the 2018 EPIC Women’s Conference and it received very positive reception. The 2020 virtual event garnered nearly 100 attendees. Late registration is currently open with the option to buy single-person passes, two-person passes, and a church group rate for 10 people.

“The reason I developed this conference is because I do believe it’s important for us as women, as individuals, to really invest in ourselves,” Leslie-Smith said. “Not just for our job, but really exploring opportunities to learn more about the things we’re passionate about.”

Passes include access to three main keynote sessions, six breakout sessions, networking opportunities and all-day access to the Vendor Village (exhibit hall), featuring local and women-owned businesses. Hotel accommodations for guests will be available at both the Hilton Garden Inn - Downtown and the Hyatt Regency Rochester - Downtown.

For more information about the EPIC Women’s Conference, visit

Information about Dr. LaShunda Leslie-Smith can be found at


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