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Dear Reader,

Every day at Minority Reporter, we strive to provide relevant news and information to the Rochester community. But gathering that news is expensive. There are many steps involved, such as sending a reporter to news conferences and events, researching issues, interviewing people to get all sides of those issues and then arranging articles in an engaging layout.

Social media and the internet have created even more complexities. This is why newspapers around the country are downsizing, laying off reporters or shutting down all together.

You can help us by subscribing to Minority Reporter. For $20 per year, you will receive each weekly edition we publish (this is in addition to the news alerts we send out with important headlines). The digital edition is the same as the printed paper and it will be sent to your email address so you can read it on your computer, cell phone or print it out (if you prefer the printed paper).

To subscribe, please click the link at the bottom of this letter.

Additionally, if you prefer to receive the print edition mailed to your home or business, please call us at 585-301-4199 and we will set that up for you. The cost is $95 for a year’s subscription.

Thank you for your support. We trust that you will continue to enjoy reading Minority Reporter for years to come.

Here are the costs again:

Digital Subscription (PDF of the newspaper sent to your email address) Cost $20/year or Hard Copy Subscription (sent to your home or office) Cost $95/year.


Dave McCleary Publisher


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Mar 08

In recent years, the illegitimate media has become increasingly influential, with its ability to reach a wide audience and impact public opinion. Unfortunately, this power has been misused, with legitimate media outlets now functioning as gossip sites and a platform for spreading news that supports the interests of the oppressor.

The illegitimate media, characterized by its lack of credibility and transparency, has capitalized on people's insatiable appetite for gossip and entertainment. Instead of focusing on important issues, it perpetuates sensationalized stories and engages in speculative reporting. This not only distracts the public from important matters but also undermines the integrity of journalism as a whole.

Moreover, the illegitimate media has become a powerful tool for the oppressor to manipulate public…


Apr 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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