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Sensational Inclusion Offers Culturally Sustaining and Sensory-Friendly Tutoring, Teacher Training, and District Consulting

Dr. Tyana Velazquez-Smith, Ph.D

Sensational Inclusion, an innovative education consulting business centered on diversity, equity, inclusion, and educational justice, opened its doors this month in downtown Rochester.

Dr. Tyana Velazquez-Smith, Ph.D., an early childhood educator, literacy expert, and researcher, founded Sensational Inclusion to ensure inclusivity and excellence in education by creating equitable programs and ecosystems.

Sensational Inclusion, located at 25 Canterbury Road, Suite 106 Rochester, NY 4607, supports school districts, educators, children, families, and policymakers with a collection of services including 1-1 tutoring, curriculum development, teacher training, educational consulting, and insightful original resources and articles through its blog and social media.

The company’s mission is to develop and embody culturally sustaining and sensory-friendly teaching practices, learning environments, and curriculum that benefits all students - especially those with autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, and other unmet needs.

“Every student has their own unique gifts and learning needs, but current educational systems and classrooms have been designed for a small fraction of children that leave thousands of local students struggling and suffering,” Dr. Velazquez-Smith said. “Research shows creating more inclusive learning environments and adaptive activities benefits every student, especially those with sensory or developmental needs. My goal is to bridge this gap and ensure schools become places where the genius of every student is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated.”

Velazquez-Smith, a Black woman diagnosed as an autistic adult herself, understands the unique challenges and opportunities in the intersectional spaces of education. Her work focuses on building and supporting equitable education systems and learning environments, empowering equitable educational ecosystems not only within the Rochester area but also on a broader scale.

Through various professional roles, Dr. Velazquez-Smith has worked with The Strong National Museum of Play, Empire State College, Nazareth College, Warner School of Education, Greece Central School District, Rochester City School District, and Common Ground Health Kids Coalition, to name a few. She is an adjunct professor at the Warner School of Education and teaches several courses including Literacy as a Social Practice, Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in American Schools, and Black Women and Girls in Education and has trained more than a thousand teachers across New York State on how to be more inclusive and sensory-friendly.

“Sensational Inclusion represents more than a consulting business; it embodies a movement towards an inclusive and equitable educational future,” Dr. Velazquez-Smith says. “I am committed to creating learning environments where every student's potential is recognized and fostered.” — This work is crucial as it ensures that all children have access to an equitable, joyful, and playful learning environment that supports their genius while holding space for identity shaping and meaning-making to occur.

For more information about Sensational Inclusion and its services, please visit or by phone: 595-354-5764.


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