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RTS Appoints Corinda Reaves as Chief Customer and Community Experience Officer

Corinda Reaves

Corinda Reaves (formerly Corinda Crossdale) has accepted an offer to become the Chief Customer and Community Experience Officer at Regional Transit Service (RTS).

Reaves currently serves as Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services at Monroe County.

Her new roll will start on May 15th. She will oversee four departments: Business Development, Customer Service, Marketing and Communications and Service Planning.

“I am excited that Corinda has accepted our offer to join the RTS team,” said RTS CEO Miguel Velázquez. "The hiring of Corinda for this position will align the organization for the work we want to do to help bring that vision to life."

“As CEO, my vision is to focus on growth through strategic partnerships that help address some of our community’s most pressing needs, while excelling in providing quality, equitable, sustainable, and innovative service."

She has "extensive experience navigating the wide range of needs and services customers rely on to connect them to,” says Velázquez.

“Corinda Crossdale has admirably served the people of Monroe County and New York State as Director of the state Office for the Aging, Monroe County’s Commissioner of Human Services and then as my Deputy County Executive for Human Services,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello.

“Her contributions to the health, safety and well-being of all our residents – especially our vulnerable families, children, elders and veterans – are incalculable. Her strategic leadership will be sorely missed in county government, but we look forward to working closely with her as we deepen our collaboration with RTS.”

Bello says Reaves' strong moral compass, and commitment to service, compassion and excellence makes her ideally suited to further the mission of RTS.

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