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Routine Traffic Stop Ends With Arrest and Broken Window

The arrest of a man during a routine traffic stop has sparked discussions among community members.

Marvin Taylor, aged 22, was taken into custody after he refused to comply with a request to lower his car window. A video recording of the incident shows the situation escalating rapidly, resulting in the officers breaking the man's car window and removing him from the vehicle.

According to police, officers noticed Taylor's car had an expired NYS inspection while running the plates. Authorities confirmed the officer then observed the vehicle make a turn without using a turn signal. The report states, that when officers attempted to pull over the car near the intersection of Remington and Dale streets, Taylor continued to drive before eventually stopping on Dale Street.

The officers stated they approached the car and asked Taylor to roll down his windows due to the tint. However, he refused and proceeded to roll up his driver's side window.

Taylor also recorded the incident, capturing his conversation with the police through his car window. In the video, an officer warns him that they will break his window if he does not exit the vehicle. The officer then strikes the window, causing it to shatter. The video reveals that the officer persisted in asking Taylor to exit the car, even unlocking the door through the broken window. The footage ends during a scuffle between Taylor and the officers.

Body-worn camera footage from the officers shows three officers working to restrain Taylor. The situation culminated in Taylor being brought to the ground and placed in handcuffs.

In response to the incident, Save Rochester, a local advocacy group, held a news conference to address the interaction between the officers and Taylor. During the conference, Taylor reiterated his claim that he did not comply because the officers approached him with guns visibly displayed, though not pointed directly at him. He emphasized feeling fearful and confused, as he was never informed of any wrongdoing. Taylor also stressed his efforts to understand why his car window was broken.

Reports confirm that a Department Review is currently underway. The review aims to determine whether the officers followed proper procedures during the incident.


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