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Roberts Wesleyan Names Simao Da Silva as Vice President of Operations and Business Development

Simao Da Silva

Roberts Wesleyan College (RWC) announced on Nov. 5, 2023 the naming of Simao Da Silva as vice president of operations and business development.

RWC says DaSilva brings more than a decade of experience in corporate and nonprofit finance roles and joins the university from Pillar College, where he also served as vice president of business development and operations.

“I am delighted that Simao will be joining our executive team,” said Roberts Wesleyan University President Dr. Rupert A. Hayles Jr. “His extensive professional experience and unique leadership talent will be an asset to us as he oversees operational efficiency improvements aimed at driving the activities of our new strategic plan, Vision 2030. It is exciting to anticipate his perspectives on new business opportunities, entrepreneurial ventures and the benefits of streamlined practices within our organization."

Da Silva earned his Master’s in Business Administration degree from Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts from the Fox School of Business at Temple University.

According to RWC, as vice president for operations and business development at Roberts Wesleyan, Da Silva will oversee the areas of human resources, facilities, campus safety, information technology and the Community Institutes, along with other business development ventures. He is anticipated to leverage his extensive background in finance and cross-functional management of nonprofit operations to plan, direct, coordinate and oversee operations activities, ensuring the development and implementation of efficient processes and cost-effective systems to meet the university’s current and future needs.

RWC says Da Silva spent several years in private and nonprofit financial management and consulting roles, developing his expertise in areas such as investment banking, asset management, treasury and securities, and credit derivatives prior to his experience at Pillar College. He also served as director of strategic partnership at and spent more than a decade on Wall Street at JPMorgan Chase in various capacities, including sales associate, portfolio manager and assistant treasurer, overseeing client portfolios and lines of credit totaling $100 million.


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