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RCSD Adding New Health Centers and Telemedicine Services for Students

Telehealth in schools. Photo: American Health Association

Rochester City School District (RCSD) announced two new initiatives that will bring telemedicine units to all their schools and expand the number of student health centers available.

The telemedicine initiative is funded by Monroe County and ESL Federal credit union and will give students access to triage and assessment for acute care and chronic health issues, including mental health and follow-up at their school.

RCSD also announces receipt of a grant from the New York State Office of Mental Health that will expand the number of student health centers in the district from 7 to 16. These new health centers will provide medical, social-emotional, and mental health services for students.

The new school-based mental health satellite clinics are anticipated to be located at:

  • Roberto Clemente School No. 8

  • Enrico Fermi School No. 17

  • Abraham Lincoln School No. 22

  • Henry Hudson School No. 28

  • Helen Barrett Montgomery School No. 50

  • Dr. Alice Holloway Young School of Excellence

  • NorthSTAR Program

  • School of the Arts

  • Wilson Foundation Academy/Rochester Early College International High School

“Together, this partnership recognizes the pressing need to address the mental health challenges our youth face," said Dr. Carmine Peluso, RCSD Superintendent. "It is a stark reality that mental health issues among students are on the rise, and we must act decisively to provide the necessary support; expansion of these student health centers represents [RCSD's] unwavering commitment to meeting our students' comprehensive healthcare needs.”

RCSD says these initiatives include partnerships from a number of community and health organizations including Monroe County, ESL Charitable Foundation, the Pediatric Health Partnership, a collaboration across the community, including the University of Rochester Golisano Children’s Hospital and Rochester Regional Health, as well as community health centers and community-based independent primary care practices, Villa of Hope, Mt. Hope Family Center, Children’s Institute, ROC the Future Alliance, and Whole Child Initiative.

“When we collaborate, we make a difference,” Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said.

Executive Officer, ESL Federal Credit Union. “At ESL, we invest in programs like this because we believe every child in our community deserves access to a high-quality education and we want to do our part to ensure they have the necessary resources available to them throughout their education journey," Masood stated. "We extend a big thanks to the Rochester City School District, Monroe County, University of Rochester Medical Center, and Rochester Regional Health for collaborating to make this telehealth initiative possible.”

Dr. LeKeyah Wilson, of Pediatric Health Partnership, stated, "We will work together as one system in pediatrics across the community with our colleagues from RCSD and Monroe County, our philanthropic partners like ESL Charitable Foundation, and community-based organizations to affect a system change to improve access to healthcare and mental health prevention and services," also noting, "[t]his is how we must work — together and in coordination — to address the most pressing health needs for our children and families — now and in the future; I am very proud of this team, and I know we have a lot to do together over the next four years.”

“We are responding together to the expressed needs of Rochester parents and family leaders and youth,” said Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski, Pediatric Health Partnership. “This is a long-term partnership in response to the needs of our kids and families, and it will be directed by them.”


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