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Newly Expanded Collaborative Fundraising Effort Emerges at the Telesca Center

A newly expanded partnership and collaborative fundraising and development effort has emerged at the Telesca Center for Justice (TCJ).

The TCJ’s co-located partners are Empire Justice Center, JustCause, The Legal Aid Society of Rochester and Legal Assistance of Western New York.

“The work the Telesca Center is doing provides civil legal counsel to hundreds of thousands of families and individuals in our area, so that low-income people will not continue to suffer from the negative effects of inaccessible representation,” Assembly Member Harry B. Bronson said.

TCJ says this expanded partnership and collaborative effort is reflective of a dream that began with the creation of the TCJ almost 20 years ago, according to the organization, which also says this new effort is a significant step forward in ensuring access to justice for all in Rochester and Monroe County.

“We are proud of this enhanced partnership which is a shining example of collaboration. One that will continue to make a lasting impact on our community,” said Empire Justice President and Chief Executive Officer Center Kristin Brown.

Here are examples of the expanded partnership’s impact on TCJ’s partners:

  • Expanding access to legal services for low-income and underserved populations

  • Developing new programs and services to address emerging legal needs

  • Advocating for policies that promote justice and equality

  • Increasing public awareness of legal rights and resources

  • Collaborative fundraising and development efforts

The expanded partnership includes a collaborative fundraising and development effort to raise awareness and secure funds to empower a community where stability and fairness reverberate to all people, in all neighborhoods, and in all homes, TCJ says.

“We are thrilled to expand this incredible collaborative partnership and pool our individual fundraising efforts into the Fund for Justice,” said Legal Aid Society of Rochester President and Chief Executive Officer Carla Palumbo. “This partnership is essential to our ability to provide legal services to those who need them most.”


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