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Monroe County Democrats Select their Candidates for 2023 Races

Photo, LtoR: Candice Lucas (County Legislature District 29), LaShay Harris (City Council, South District), Sabrina Lamar (County Legislature District 27). Photo credit: Lashana Boose

The Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) concluded its candidate designation process with the 2023 County Designating Convention on Wednesday, February 22, at East High School.

This year all 29 legislature seats are up for grabs. There are also several newcomers designated including Santos Cruzcardona, Jessie Parson, Nadja Justice and Candice Lucas.

Cruzcardona picked up the 21st district, a seat vacated by Rachel Barnhart who decided to run in the 17th district after district lines were redrawn.—Barnhart ended up losing to Allan Richards in district 17.

Jessie Parson beat out Mercedes Vazquez Simmons for the 22nd district designation and Nadja Justice beat Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman in the 25th district.

Additionally, Candice Lucas upended incumbent William T. Burgess for the 29th district. Lucas (who has a doctorate degree in Executive Leadership) ran unsuccessfully for Rochester City School Board in 2013

Other newcomers include Constance Patterson, City Court Judge; Maroun Ajaka and Maria Cubillos Reed for Family Court.

MCDC’s designation process allows its nearly 1,900 elected members on 29 City Legislative District and Town committees to vote on the party’s endorsed candidates, which happened over the 50 days preceding last night's convention. During the 50-day window, local committees hosted designation meetings to nominate and vote on their endorsed candidates.

Multiple rounds of voting are possible throughout MCDC’s designation process. Round one consisted of individual committee caucus votes, reported by the leader of each committee. Any candidate who received 50% on this initial ballot was designated. When a position did not have a candidate reach 50%, a second round of voting was held, where leaders cast a vote on behalf of their entire committee at their discretion.

“Local election years are some of the most influential races that we have,” said MCDC Chairman Stephen DeVay. “People elected to local office have the most direct tie to their community and the most direct impact on the lives of their neighbors.

MCDC 2023 Designated Candidates

Monroe County

· Monroe County Executive: Adam Bello

· Family Court Justice: Maroun Ajaka, Maria Cubillos Reed

· County Legislature District 3: Marvin Stepherson

· County Legislature District 5: Terry Daniele

· County Legislature District 8: Mike DiTullio

· County Legislature District 9: Margaret Ansaldi

· County Legislature District 10: Howard Maffucci

· County Legislature District 11: John Baynes

· County Legislature District 13: Michael Yudelson

· County Legislature District 14: Susan Hughes-Smith

· County Legislature District 15: Lino Dianetti

· County Legislature District 16: David Long

· County Legislature District 17: Allan Richards

· County Legislature District 18: Lystra Bartholomew McCoy

· County Legislature District 20: Jamie Erskine-Pettit

· County Legislature District 21: Santos Cruzcardona

· County Legislature District 22: Jessie Parson

· County Legislature District 23: Linda Hasman

· County Legislature District 24: Albert Blankley

· County Legislature District 25: Nadja Justice

· County Legislature District 26: Yversha Roman

· County Legislature District 27: Sabrina LaMar

· County Legislature District 28: Ricky Frazier

· County Legislature District 29: Candice Lucas

City of Rochester

· City Court Justice: Judge Jack Elliott, Constance Patterson

· Commissioner of Schools: Isaiah Santiago, Beatriz LeBron, Amy Maloy, Ricardo Adams

· City Council – Northeast District: Michael Patterson

· City Council – Northwest District: Frank Keophetlasy

· City Council – East District: Mary Lupien

· City Council – South District: LaShay Harris

Town of Brighton

· Town Supervisor: Bill Moehle

· Town Clerk: Dan Aman

· Town Justice: Jason DiPonzio

· Town Board: Nate Salzman, Chris Werner

Town of Hamlin

· Town Justice: Sharon Steigerwald

· Town Board: Elizabeth Maxwell

Town of Henrietta

· Town Supervisor: Steven Schultz

· Town Justice: Robert Cook, Susan Michel, Millie Sefranek

· Town Board: Robert Barley, Michael Stafford

Town of Irondequoit

· Town Supervisor: Andrae Evans

· Town Justice: Brian Green

· Town Board: John Perticone: Grant Malone

Town of Penfield

· Town Supervisor: Tiffany Rice

· Town Justice: Mel Callan

· Town Board: Kevin Berry, Linda Teglash

Town of Perinton

· Town Supervisor: Michael Brazee

· Town Justice: Gary Muldoon

· Town Board: Meredith Stockman-Broadbent, Michael Folino

Town of Pittsford

· Town Supervisor: Killian Melody

· Town Board: Cathy Koshykar, Naveen Havannavar

Town of Rush

· Town Supervisor: Gerald Kusse

· Town Board: Amber Corbin, Marianne Rizzo

Town of Webster

· Town Supervisor: Danielle Palermo-Jimenez

· Town Justice: Christine Seppeler

· Town Board: Garrett Wagner, Candice Harvey

Village of East Rochester

· Village Trustee: Chad Woodworth, Mark McDermott

Village of Fairport

· Village Trustee: Emily Mischler, Heidi Woika

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