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Levine Center to End Hate

The Levine Center has introduced its LoveGrams campaign. It is an initiative aimed at fostering gratitude and connection within our community in the spirit of Valentine's Day.


The Levine Center invites you to honor your loved ones and unsung heroes through personalized notes that can be created on its website. The campaign inspired by Governor Hochul's efforts to combat hate crimes, the Levine Center believes that spreading love and appreciation is a powerful way to counteract hatred.


Director Monica Gebell has been in charge of the Levine Center to End Hate for just about five months. Before becoming the Director, Gebell worked at the Jewish Federation as the Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council for nearly two years.


"Inspired by Governor Hochul's recent proposal to prevent and fight hate crimes, we at the Levine Center To End Hate decided to initiate a micro-campaign to spread love and gratitude throughout Greater Rochester," Gebell said. She continued, "in honor of Valentine's Day, we are offering the opportunity to honor our unsung heroes and people we love, appreciate, and cherish by sending them a LoveGram. These personalized, meaningful notes are customizable on our website at I am sending LoveGrams to our kids' (former) bus driver, who still honks and waves at me when I'm walking my dog each morning, Support Center and Resource teachers, and others who give their time and energy so selflessly to students."


"We are grateful for Governor Hochul's dedication to addressing the rise in hate crimes and threats. The Jewish and Muslim communities have been particularly affected, facing a 400% increase in threats," Gebell confirmed adding "In response, the Levine Center is committed to showing that even small gestures can make a difference. By spreading love and kindness, we can create a sense of community that outnumbers those who spread hate."


The Levine Center's mission is to unite the greater Rochester community in overcoming hate through education, dialogue, and positive action. The organization has organized impactful events such as The Concert to End Hate and Brave Spaces: Rochester's Summit to End Hate. Our Youth Ambassador Council engages in community outreach to combat bias and discrimination.


Partnering with organizations like St Joseph Neighborhood Center, Volunteers of America, and the Veterans Outreach Center, The Levine Center offers the opportunity to send a LoveGram to the "unsung heroes" who selflessly serve our community. However, you can also honor workers at any organization that supports their surrounding community, no matter where they are located. We will ensure that a customized LoveGram reaches them in time for Valentine's Day, whether through traditional mail or electronically for recipients outside of Rochester.


The Levine Center believes that small interactions matter. The organization is encouraging others to avoid jumping to judgment and giving each other the benefit of the doubt. "Each of us has the power to choose how we interact with the world, and by practicing kindness and gratitude, we can inspire the next generation to do the same. As we navigate these challenging times, let's focus on our shared similarities and the things that unite us," Gebell encouraged.


To learn about the campaign and the Levine Center please visit the Levine Center's website at Orders for notes sent through regular mail close on Thursday, February 8th, and orders for notes sent electronically close on Sunday, February 11th.


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