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Mixed Reactions to Lovely Warren's City Court Judge Bid

Lovely A. Warren

Former Mayor Lovely Warren’s announcement of her intention to run for Rochester City Court Judge has generated a mixed response from the city residents and beyond.

Residents across Monroe County are voicing their opinions on Warren's decision to run for the post. While some have expressed support, others were skeptical or against the move altogether.

Warren's tumultuous past, including her involvement in the Daniel Prude case and her misdemeanor campaign finance charge, has left a controversial mark on her career. Despite this, Warren says she is determined to use her experiences to advocate for justice and balance the scales for all individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

Warren, 46, says she has learned from her mistakes and her decision to return to the political world is her commitment to fighting for marginalized communities, particularly Black and Brown individuals who are disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system.


“The majority of people that are touched by the criminal justice (system) are black and brown people, and these are the folks that I have spent my entire career fighting for,” Warren wrote. “I understand the impact that the criminal justice system has on the accused and its impact on families. I have made my share of mistakes and as part of that there are many things that I regret but all of that has made me a better person, better mom and able to relate to victims and make sure the scales of justice balances for all.”

Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart, a known Warren detractor, tweeted an acknowledgment of the challenges Warren has faced, including losing her mayoral position and her marriage, as well as pleading guilty to a misdemeanor campaign finance charge. Despite these setbacks, Barnhart emphasized the importance of giving voters a choice in the democratic principle of allowing individuals to participate in the political process.

However, Barnhart's followers raised concerns about Warren's motives and qualifications for the position. Some speculate that Warren may be pursuing the judgeship for financial reasons or pension benefits and called into question her true intentions behind seeking the role.


Additionally, the skepticism regarding her suitability for a prominent legal position due to her past controversies and perceived double standards raises doubts about her credibility as a judicial candidate, according to Barnhart's followers.

Warren’s decision to run for city court judge does not come as a surprise. Rumors of her running for judge have swirled just months after her resignation. In addition, Warren has remained in the public eye. She served as the Democratic Committee Chair for Monroe County’s 22nd Legislative District and spoke out at a legislative meeting.

Although her possible return to office has sparked a range of reactions from residents, it is essential to consider all aspects of her candidacy. Warren is an experienced politician who made history by becoming the first African American woman to become mayor of Rochester. Many of her supporters believe she has made many positive contributions to the City of Rochester and should be forgiven for her past mistakes.

Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the voters, who must weigh the complexities of Warren’s candidacy and make an informed choice based on her experience and vision for the future.


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Mar 22
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I am not a city resident anymore but if I were I would skeptical of this move. She may be an attorney but what trial experience has she had.? That would be a major qualification I would think. What rating does the Bar Association give her. There are plenty of highly qualified black attorneys that have been in the trenches fighting for justice. There is no need to recycle old and disgraced politicians.


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