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Farash Charitable Foundation Awards First Round of Major Grants for Out-of-School Time Programs

The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation is distributing its first round of major grants for Out-of-School Time programs. Eight Rochester-area organizations who are expanding or creating new opportunities for local youth to receive out-of-school support will be awarded a total of nearly $1.5 million in grant funding.


The Foundation has always supported educational programs, this is the first round of grants focused exclusively on out-of-school time. 87% of kids’ time (18 and under) is spent outside the classroom, so the Foundation recently shifted the strategic focus of its education grants to supporting equitable access to and participation in high quality programs before and after school.

“Providing safe, enriching, and accessible out-of-school experiences gives kids the support they need to be more prepared for success in an academic setting and in life,” Jennie Schaff, Farash Foundation CEO said.


Each of the grantees included in this round of funding provides a welcoming and supportive environment for youth and families, has brought creative thinking and new solutions to its work, and demonstrated an ability to expand capacity while maintaining quality.


Grantees include:


  • Boys and Girls Club of Geneva: expanding its after-school and summer programs for children grades 1 to 12, which includes job training, tutoring assistance, and activities designed to augment traditional education in new and creative ways.

  • The Community Place of Greater Rochester and Charles Settlement House: will be partnering with the Foundation to create a new teen after-school program integrating academics, enrichment, and social/emotional skill building to help strengthen and support youth and families.

  • The Community Place of Greater Rochester: launching wrap-around programs for pre-kindergarten students, which will include literacy support, social-emotional wellness, arts and culture, STEM/STEAM, and structured physical activities.

  • Freedom Scholars Learning Center: expanding its Seed Sowers & Storytellers after-school program, which supports youth attending RCSD School #33 and their families in the Beechwood neighborhood.

  • Ibero-American Action League: launching wrap-around programs for 3- and 4-year-old students, which will include education, enrichment, and social-emotional support.

  • Urban League of Rochester: expanding its Project Ready program, which offers college and career exploration and preparedness for minority and first-generation college students.

  • Vertus Charter School: expanding its Pathways to Success program, which meets the social-emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of students both during the school week and on weekends.

  • YMCA of Greater Rochester: expanding its offerings and capacity to provide safe, engaging spaces and support at the Lewis Street, Carlson MetroCenter, and School 8 YMCA sites.


“The longer young people stay in structured out-of-school time programs, the more likely their outcomes are to be positive. The social and emotional learning aspects of these programs serve a critical need that is not typically addressed.” With this grant, the organization will be able to offer new teen after-school programs that not only benefit students, but also improve the lives of their caregivers," said Tarlon Gibson, Director of Early Childhood Development and Youth Development at Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc. and Charles Settlement House. “When caregivers trust that their children are in a safe, structured environment, they feel more supported and are better able to manage their own work schedules and home life.”


This round of grants will support out-of-school-time programs running through the end of 2024.


“The Farash Foundation has been at the forefront of impact-driving funding, and how they approach partnerships and outcomes sets the standard for our community.” As a recipient of one of the eight 2024 Out-of-School Time grants, the YMCA of Greater Rochester will be expanding their offerings that support both local youth and their families," Ernest Lamour, President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Rochester said. “We’re helping young people become the best version of themselves, in support of the great works already being done in the academic world.”

Lamour says “the YMCA will provide physical and emotional safe spaces, food, skills development, and community building.”


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