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Dr. Michael Jacobs Named Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs of MCC

Dr. Michael Jacobs

The Monroe Community College Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Dr. Michael Jacobs to the position of Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs (ASA). Dr. Jacobs has served in an interim capacity in the same position since April 1, 2024, after serving as the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences since June 2017.

"Dr. Michael Jacobs has proven in the past seven years that he is committed to transforming students' lives through high-quality education, “said Dr. DeAnna R. Burt-Nanna, Monroe Community College President. "He has developed and fostered innovative ways to increase accessibility and raise the bar of academic excellence for all students at MCC.”  

"It is my privilege to continue serving Monroe Community. College and its service region in this new leadership role," said Dr. Michael Jacobs, Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. "MCC is a pillar of our community, which is largely a result of the dedicated faculty and staff who work in earnest to support student success in alignment with the College’s access-oriented and equity-driven mission. I am honored to be a part of that."

As a nationally recognized figure in community college humanities education, Dr. Jacobs has served as Chair of the Modern Language Association's Committee on Community Colleges and (formerly) Deputy Director for the Community College Humanities Association. He has contributed scholarly essays on modernist literature and humanities education to several peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Jacobs earned a BA in Media Studies, an MA in Humanities at the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo, and a Doctor of Arts (DA) in English from St. John's University.


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