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City Council Wants to Celebrate Rochester Teachers

Rochester City Council is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Month by highlighting teachers across the city.

In honor of our hard-working educators, City Council is seeking help from students and their parents to recognize the best teachers in Rochester.

“Teachers are some of the most important people in our city, but their hard work and dedication often goes unrecognized,” said City Council President Miguel Meléndez.

“This month we want to show our appreciation for the teachers who make Rochester’s schools stronger and help prepare our youth to work toward a future of safety and prosperity in the city.”

City Council is looking for parents and students to submit their favorite teachers for recognition at Simply input your name, zip code and the name and school of the teacher you’d like to honor and City Council will recognize them. Any parent or student living in the City of Rochester is eligible to submit their teacher for recognition.

Submissions are now open, and will run through May 31.


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