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Visual Studies Workshop's Spring 2024 Salon + Workshop Series Begins Jan. 25

Image: Still from Home R Where The Heart Is (2019) by Blake Andrews/Barnyardia event at VSW presented on April 25.

Visual Studies Workshop (VSW), the nationally-known nonprofit center dedicated to experimental and expansive approaches to photography and media arts, announces its 2024 Spring VSW Salon + Workshop event series beginning Thursday, January 25.

“The VSW Salon is unlike any other art engagement in the Rochester area. This season we invite participants to play experimental video games, gather in the studio with internationally renowned artists, join an online presentation by a scholar of visual culture, and enjoy playful screenings from the Visual Studies Workshop film archive." said Tara Merenda Nelson, Curator of VSW. "If you are looking for an expansive experience in an intimate setting, the VSW Salon is for you.”  

This Spring, Visual Studies Workshop will host filmmakers, photographers, gaming artists, and other experimental and boundary-pushing media artists from the UK, Perry, Brooklyn, Long Island and NYC, NY; Providence, RI; and beyond. The VSW Salon film screenings, artist talks, interactive events, and installations will explore wide-ranging topics and themes including archival engagement; choreography and movement; experimental gaming; imperialism; colonialism; and more.

The VSW Salon is a bi-monthly event series in the VSW microcinema featuring film screenings, artist talks, Community Curator events, performances, photo presentations, and conversations. The VSW Salon showcases the work of local and national artists, and invites them to present their work in an intimate “microcinema” equipped to show 16mm, Super 8, digital photography and video on state of the art equipment. 

Most VSW Salon events begin at 7pm, occasionally preceded by a one hour Open Studio with the current VSW Resident Artists. All events are in-person (at 31 Prince Street, Rochester, NY) unless otherwise indicated, with limited seating. Many Salon events are also streamed, with videos available post-event on Twitch. 

All Salon events are pay-what-you-choose, with a suggested donation of $10. VSW Members attend for free. ASL interpreters will be made available upon request at least two weeks before the event. Email with access questions.

For a detailed schedule click here and to read about past Salon events. 


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