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Unclaimed Funds event to be hosted, June 24

Photo by Igal Ness on Unsplash

Senator Samra G Brouk (SD-55) will host a community outreach event Monday June 24, 2024 with the Office of Thomas DiNapoli’s Office of Unclaimed Funds (OUF) to help residents search the OUF database to see if they have any unclaimed funds and learn how to file a claim. Staff from the Outreach Program will also explain how to safeguard funds so that they are not turned over to the State as abandoned property.

WHO: Senator Samra Brouk

WHAT: “Find Your Money” NYS Office of Unclaimed Funds Community Event

WHEN: Monday June 24, 2024

Event runs: Noon - 3:00 pm, Press Availability with Senator Brouk: 2:00 pm

WHERE: Perinton Community Center, 1350 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, NY 14450

About Unclaimed Funds:

Banks, insurance companies, corporations and the courts are among the many organizations required by law to report dormant accounts to the State Comptroller. These organizations must attempt to notify individuals by mail and publish the information in newspapers. Despite these efforts, many funds remain unclaimed and are turned over to the Office of the State Comptroller.

Types of Unclaimed Funds Accounts:

  • Bank Accounts – savings, checking and CDs

  • Court Funds

  • Dividends

  • Estate Proceeds

  • Insurance Benefits/Policies

  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

  • Telephone/Utility/Security Deposits

Key information:

  • $19 billion in lost money available to be claimed in New York

  • Every day New York State returns $1.5 million to those who file claims

  • Total unclaimed funds returned in Monroe County in 2024 so far: $138,447,752 (285,664 claims)

  • Total unclaimed funds returned statewide in 2024 so far: $249,761,196

“I’m always looking for ways to bring more resources to our Senate District 55 community and this Unclaimed Funds Community Event is an extension of that daily work,” said Senator Samra G. Brouk (SD-55). “I’m grateful to State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for partnering with me to host this event to help our community access the resources that belong to them. All are welcome to join as we work to ensure that local residents, businesses, and organizations are able to recover unclaimed funds. By taking a few steps to check for accounts, individuals may be able to access lost funds that they had forgotten about.”


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