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St. John’s and URMC Partner to Fill Community Health Care Service Gaps

St. John’s and the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) reported their new partnership will focus on enhancing the well-being and prosperity of the Greater Rochester community. Both organizations are nonprofits and stated they are deeply dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of individuals in our region and promoting local economic growth.

The statement noted the innovative agreement harnesses the unique strengths and resources of St. John’s, a leading provider of services for older adults, and URMC, managing the largest healthcare delivery system in upstate New York. The organization believes by combining their expertise, networks, and resources, they will make a lasting impact and bring about meaningful change in the lives of individuals and families in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.

The collaboration will address key issues such as regional hospitals operating above bed capacity due to a shortage of long-term care beds, and gaps in community services affecting healthcare delivery. Through joint efforts, including an investment from URMC to help St. John’s expand skilled care beds and services, the partnership will also focus on areas like chronic dialysis and pediatric care.

"We are excited to work with URMC to strengthen our impact on critical areas such as regional hospital overcapacity and the need for essential community services," said Charlie Runyon, President and CEO of St. John’s. "By coming together on key projects, we can better tackle the complex challenges facing our community’s healthcare system."

Steve Goldstein, President and CEO of Strong and Highland hospitals and Senior Vice President of URMC, highlighted the strain on the region's healthcare system due to nursing homes struggling to fully staff their beds. He emphasized the importance of collaborations like this in ensuring patients receive quality care in appropriate settings, especially in an area with fewer hospital beds per capita than other parts of New York State.

They believe the joint programs, advocacy efforts, and shared resources, of this collaboration between St. John’s and URMC will play a crucial role in addressing healthcare challenges in the Greater Rochester area.


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