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Senator Jeremy Cooney Addresses "Benefits" of Upcoming Budget

Senator Jeremy Cooney says the New York State's FY25 budget, when approved, will have a positive impact on Monroe County residents. He highlighted the budget's focus on addressing issues that impact the daily lives of community members, with investments in education, public safety, transportation, and more.

Jeremy Cooney

Cooney expressed satisfaction with the budget's provisions for Rochester and Monroe County, emphasizing the importance of supporting students, affordable housing, public transit, and public safety. He commended Governor Hochul and his legislative colleagues for their collaborative efforts in shaping a forward-thinking budget that prioritizes the needs of upstate communities, aiming to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Below are some key priorities championed by Senator Cooney that were included in this year's budget:

- Supporting students: Securing a 3.9% increase in school district funding, totaling $934 million statewide, to ensure students in Rochester City School District and Monroe County have the necessary resources for success. Additionally, advocating for the expansion of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program to promote early childhood literacy statewide.

- Ensuring community safety: Introducing measures to protect retail workers, combat organized retail theft rings, and provide tax incentives for security in stores and protection for houses of worship.

- Enhancing public transportation: Increasing State Operating Assistance funding for upstate transit systems like Rochester's Regional Transit Service to improve service reliability and frequency.

- Supporting the AAPI community: Allocating $30 million to support New York's AAPI community across the state, addressing issues like hate crimes and crisis intervention.

- Combating poverty: Allocating $25 million for anti-poverty initiatives in the City of Rochester, where 50% of children live below the poverty line.

- Addressing housing issues: Investing $40 million in the construction of small infill homes in cities like Rochester, as well as $40 million for apartment repair and rehabilitation programs for small landlords. Implementing protections for renters against high rent increases and price gouging.

Cooney emphasized that these initiatives are just a glimpse of the broader benefits the community will experience. Additional investments have been made in infrastructure, arts venues, healthcare, workforce development, and operational funding for municipalities, marking a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of Rochester and Monroe County.


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