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RCSD Student Chosen for U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

Jasmyne Floyd. Photo courtesy of World of Inquiry School no 58

A Rochester City School District (RCSD), World of Inquiry School No. 58 senior, Jasmyne Floyd, has been chosen for one of the nation’s highest honors for high school students.

Jasmyne was nominated by the New York State Education Department for the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program; she was one of only 25 students statewide to receive this nomination.

“I am honored to be nominated for the program; it is very exciting,” said Floyd. “I do all my work, and I like helping people. If I can try to help them out, that just makes me happy.”

Jasmyne embodies academic excellence and is a force for good in and out of the classroom. True to the World of Inquiry Griffins, she is an example of leadership and strength. “I am very proud, she is the type of scholar we always wish to highlight,” said Kwame Donko-Hanson, Principal of World of Inquiry School No. 58.

Donko-Hanson said he spoke to Jasmyne’s grandmother, and she expressed to him how absolutely overjoyed and so proud she is of Jasmyne. “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase and highlight who Jasmyne is,” Donko-Hanson said. “She is an excellent example of students we have here in the Rochester City School District.”

The White House Commission on Presidential Scholars selects students annually based on their academic success, artistic excellence, essays, school evaluations, and transcripts, as well as evidence of community service, leadership, and demonstrated commitment to high ideals.

“It is an honor to have a scholar from the 137th district nominated for the 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program,” said State Assemblyman Demond Meeks. “Jasmyne is a young lady at World of Inquiry School No. 58 who has shown a tremendous amount of dedication toward her education.”

Floyd plans to go to Monroe Community College where she intends to study psychology.

Semifinalists for this program will be notified in May. If Floyd is chosen as a finalist, she will receive a U.S. Presidential Scholars medallion in June.


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