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RCSD Opens New Restorative H.U.B. at Douglass Campus

Superintendent Dr. Carmine Peluso and members of the District’s RocRestorative team launched the Restorative H.U.B. at Northwest Junior High at Douglass on January 30, 2024 located on Fernwood Park.  H.U.B. stands for Healing, Understanding, and Belonging.  This is an intentional space for building community, navigating conflict, and restoring relationships.

“At its heart, the H.U.B. is about building and restoring our school communities,” said Peluso.  “Our team includes more than a dozen counselors, dedicated coaches, and community partners who are ready to support our students, families, and staff.”

The Restorative H.U.B. helps break down barriers to support student and family needs in and out of school. Restorative practices at the H.U.B. include:

  • Mediation and restorative training for students, adults, and the community

  • Student re-engagement

  • Teacher wellness activities, including yoga

  • Proactive outreach for restorative work

  • Meeting and facilitation for community partners

  • Collaborative space for RocRestorative and community partners

“Research has consistently shown that students who have a positive connection to a caring adult perform better academically and thrive in their community,” said Peluso. 

Community partners include Center for Youth, Center for Community Alternatives, Ibero, Pathways to Peace, Rise Up Rochester, SNUG 585, and Tribe 7.


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