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New York's Move Over Law

Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized that New York's Move Over Law will be broadened to encompass all vehicles, enhancing highway safety for all. Effective March 27, 2024, drivers must take necessary precautions such as reducing speed and changing lanes to avoid collisions with any vehicles stopped along the roadside.

"The safety of all New Yorkers is paramount, particularly those stranded on the side of the road," Governor Hochul stated. "If you notice a disabled vehicle ahead, slow down and maneuver over to provide them with sufficient space."

Between 2016 and 2020, 37 individuals lost their lives outside of disabled vehicles in New York, while nearly 300 drivers are fatally struck roadside nationwide each year. The inception of the Move Over Law in 2010 aimed to avert such tragedies and enhance the safety of New York's roadways.

Initially focusing on emergency vehicles, the law has since evolved to encompass hazard vehicles, highway worker vehicles, and tow trucks. Governor Hochul signed a bill in 2023 to further reinforce the law, now extending protection to all vehicles stopped along the roadway. According to the law, drivers approaching a stationary vehicle on the shoulder should either change lanes or reduce speed if changing lanes isn't feasible.

Additionally, the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee is launching a public awareness campaign utilizing various platforms to remind individuals to "Slow Down, Move Over" when encountering a stopped vehicle. Despite all 50 states having similar laws to safeguard law enforcement officers and other responders, a third of Americans are unaware of these regulations.

DMV Commissioner and Chair of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Mark J.F. Schroeder noted, "The expansion of the Move Over Law demonstrates New York State's dedication to ensuring a safe environment for residents, workers, and travelers. It's crucial to be prepared to pull over safely without endangering oneself or others. Each of us must play a part in averting tragedies on our roads by adhering to the law and slowing down or moving over when approaching a stopped vehicle."

Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Frank G. Hoare emphasized that bolstering the Move Over Law to protect all vehicles stopped alongside the road will save lives, benefiting motorists, emergency responders, Thruway personnel, and others aiding disabled vehicles. Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez underscored the significance of this expansion in reducing fatalities on roadways, citing Governor Hochul's commitment to prioritizing safety.

New York State Police Acting Superintendent Steven G. James reaffirmed the state police's dedication to road safety and highlighted the importance of expanding and enforcing the Move Over Law to enhance safety for all road users. Assemblymember Ken Zebrowski praised the expansion of the law as a crucial step in preventing roadside fatalities, while Senator Lea Webb commended Governor Hochul for her efforts in promoting driver safety and reducing accidents on New York's roadways.


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