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Mister Evan Dawson Needs to Examine his “Progressiveness”

Howard Eagle

During his 7/29/22 podcast, which can be heard at the first link on the reference list below, Evan Dawson wildly pontificates regarding his libelous claim that (during a recent press conference) Monroe County Legislature President, Sabrina Lamar “essentially said that anyone who won’t vote with her [for Mr. Robert Fogg, as Monroe County’s next Public Defender] is a racist.”

I have written in this publication previously about mister Dawson’s shortcomings (to say the very least) as a so-called ‘fair, impartial, and objective’ journalist.

In this particular case, I am declaring (as Gloria Winston would say ___ “straight with no chaser”), that he is an outright racist liar.

The proof is below.

I have listened very carefully (twice) to Ms. Lamar’s full press conference, at the second link on the reference list below. I can’t find the part where she supposedly __ “essentially said [or even implied] that anyone who won’t vote with her is a racist.” There’s a very good reason why I can’t find it __ because it does not exist, which again, is part of the basis for my unequivocal, vehemently-staunch assertion that Evan Dawson is in fact, not only a bald-faced liar, but racist as well.

My assertion is not based solely on his libelous accusation against President Lamar, and/or his past racist treatment of former Mayor Lovely Warren and me, but also his typical, white men’s strategy, such as, for example, (while attempting to silence and discredit vociferous black women), and avoiding charges of sexism and racism at the same time __ intentionally seeking and trotting out other “black” women who hold the exact opposite views of the one they’re trying to discredit.

It’s fundamentally the age-old divide and conquer tactic, which seems to be working better today than ever. This was clearly evident via one of his ranting, raving 7/29/22 guests, who used the excuse that because she was on radio, she’s “sure listeners don’t know [s

he is her] self a ‘black’ Mexican woman,” which is not the real reason. Instead, the real reason is that apparently she is acculturated to the extent that it’s impossible to distinguish her voice-accidence, inflection, and cadence form one that clearly sounds like what is thought of by most Black folks who were born and/or raised in the thoroughly racist, white-supremacist-based U.S. of A., as the prototype of a middle or upper class white woman. She, as well as the other white, female guest, who was not quite as hyped-up as the screaming ‘black’ Mexican, both had the raw audacity, intestinal fortitude, and unmitigated gall to claim that “the only qualification” that Ms. Lamar presented on behalf of Mr. Fogg is “his race.”

During the course of his hour-long program, Dawson also allowed another screaming, white woman to call into the station and spew the same sort of poisonous, racist, rhetoric that dripped from the mouths of the other two.

How ludicrous. What liars!

All one needs to do is view, and listen to Ms. Lamar’s full press conference (at the second link on the reference list below) ___ in order to hear her clearly lay out Mr. Fogg’s qualifications.

Mister ‘fair, impartial, objective,’ racist journalist Evan Dawson sat like a bump on a log, and allowed the hateful, racist, rhetorical narrative to proceed without question, interruption or challenge. He even encouraged it. That’s because he is exactly the type of individual Dr. Robin DiAngelo wrote about in her most recent publication, titled Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm, in which she “writes directly to white people, [such as Evan Dawson] as a white person, DiAngelo identifies many common white racial patterns and breaks down how well-intentioned white people unknowingly perpetuate racial harm.”

I hope mister Dawson reads the book, and takes it to heart. __ because he’s doing lots of damage.

~ Howard Eagle is a longtime educator and local anti-racism advocate, known for his campaigns for the Rochester school board and prolific political and social commentary. Eagle taught social studies in the RCSD for 23 years, before retiring in 2010, and taught as an adjunct professor in the Department of African American Studies at SUNY Brockport for 20 years, before retiring in 2020.







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