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Michael Geraci's Deceptive Practices

City court judge candidate Michael Geraci is under fire for making false claims of endorsement by Union 1199SEIU. The lie has sparked concerns about Geraci's integrity and led to accusations of attempting to deceive voters.

The battle for city court is coming to an end. Polls close at 9 p.m. and candidates are scrabbling for votes. This may be one of the reasons behind Geraci's false endorsement claims.

Radio host Bob Lonsberry publicly exposed Geraci's deception. Lonsberry tweeted, "Endorsements come in writing. And this union is huge. There's no way you accidentally claim an endorsement you didn't get. This was an attempt to deceive voters, from a judge candidate who's positioned himself as the ethical alternative to Lovely Warren."

Lonsberry tweet is in response to a since-deleted Facebook post allegedly by The Committee to Elect Michael Geraci. The post falsely claimed Union 1199SEIU had endorsed Geraci over Warren.

Geraci's antics began in April after he filed a complaint accusing Warren of violating state election law in her petitioning for the judgeship. However, the court rejected this argument, stating that Geraci failed to prove that Warren committed fraud on the voting public. Critics believe this further diminishes Geraci's credibility and reinforces doubts about his claims of ethical superiority.

Geraci is competing with Warren for a city court judge seat. Both candidates are practicing attorneys. According to Geraci's website, he was an associate at the law firm of Trevett Cristo Salzer Andolina before establishing Geraci Law Offices in 2018.

The former mayor has publicly acknowledged her past. “You know what I went through,” She posted on Facebook. "I’ve had to deal with the Criminal Justice System personally, which has allowed me to grow as a person, as a mother, and become a better lawyer.”

Now, voters will decide the best candidate for city court judge.

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