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Meeks & Geraci Winners at Democratic Primary

Supporters of Attorney Michael Geraci and Assemblyman Demond Meeks are thrilled to celebrate their victories in the recent Democratic primary for a Rochester City Court judgeship and the 13th State Assembly District. With Geraci securing 53.56% of the votes and Meeks receiving an impressive 66.44% of the votes, voters state their success is a testament to their qualifications, campaign strategies, and the potential impact they can have on local politics.

Geraci's legal expertise as an attorney undoubtedly played a crucial role in winning over voters who value competence and knowledge in the judiciary. His commitment to fairness, justice, and upholding the law resonated deeply with supporters who prioritize integrity and impartiality in a judicial candidate. Meeks' experience as an Assemblyman showcased his understanding of legislative processes and policy-making, appealing to voters seeking a candidate with a proven track record in public service.

Voters noted effective campaign strategies employed by Geraci and Meeks further solidified their victories. Supporters claim Geraci's focus on communicating his dedication to fairness and justice, coupled with Meeks' emphasis on community engagement and grassroots organizing, allowed them to connect with a wide range of voters.

Supporters believe that Geraci and Meeks' victories hold significant implications for local politics. Geraci's win in the City Court judgeship race signals a shift towards prioritizing legal expertise and fairness in candidate selection, potentially inspiring other aspiring attorneys to pursue public office. Meeks' success in the State Assembly District race underscores the importance of community engagement and grassroots organizing, encouraging future candidates to prioritize community involvement and engage with constituents actively.

The victories of Attorney Michael Geraci and Assemblyman Demond Meeks serve as a beacon of success for their supporters, highlighting the importance of qualifications, effective campaign strategies, and community engagement in political races.


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