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Mayor Evans Addresses Public Safety

Rochester Mayor Evans says he is leading the charge toward a brighter future, where the city is thriving and growing stronger with each passing day.

At his State of the City address, Tuesday, Evans emphasized the "critical investments being made by city leaders and their partners", which he says are :empowering residents, fueling sustained growth, and expanding wealth throughout the community."

“Take a look around and you'll see a Rochester that is experiencing growth and increasing value like never before,” Mayor Evans declared. “Every neighborhood is witnessing residents building equity and creating generational wealth, driving positive change at an unprecedented pace.”

Speaking from the Arbor Midtown entertainment venue in the historic Lincoln Alliance Building, Evans highlighted his "progress" towards creating a safe, equitable, and prosperous Rochester, as outlined in his previous State of the City Address; and credited the shared commitment of elected officials and community leaders who are investing in the potential of Rochester's people.

“Cities are more than just physical locations; they are hubs of change driven by the interactions and relationships of their inhabitants,” Evans stated. “Rochester is fortunate to have leaders who are not only recognizing this but actively collaborating to harness the collective power of our community for the betterment of all.”

Drawing inspiration from the Book of Isaiah, Mayor Evans urged the audience to embrace the positive changes happening in the city and to recognize the potential for even greater growth and prosperity. He shared stories of residents who he said "exemplify Rochester's growth and wealth, underscoring the impact of various programs and initiatives driving the city forward".

Highlighting the focus on safety, Evans noted partnerships with law enforcement agencies he credits to contributing to a significant reduction in firearm-related violence. He also highlighted his administrations efforts to promote equity, such as affordable housing programs and initiatives aimed at reducing housing costs for residents. Additionally, he emphasized the numerous investments in capital projects across the city, including ROC the Riverway and Inner Loop North Revitalization, which are creating thousands of construction jobs and driving economic prosperity.

In closing, Mayor Evans echoed the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., calling on the community to "continue moving forward with determination and vigor to make the vision of a thriving and inclusive Rochester a reality for all".


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