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Local Company Implements Four-Day Workweek

Sunnking employees end a work day. Photo provided.

Local, Brockport-based electronics recycler, Sunnking has recently implemented a new four-day work week for their employees.

The update went into effect for employees at both of Sunnking's Western and Central New York facilities, last week.

"Time is the most valuable commodity we have in life, and we want this to be a benefit for the employees that work so hard throughout the week," said Adam Shine, President of Sunnking. "We perceive this as a perk to working at our company and in an industry directly impacting our overall future."

Shine says the management surveyed employees and spent months reviewing the impact of a four-day work week on employee well-being and productivity before implementing the change. The company has eliminated its traditional operational schedule to give employees extreme flexibility.

Team members will work four 10-hour shifts, with scheduled breaks throughout the day.

According to Four Day Week Global, 78% of employees with 4-day weeks are happier and less stressed.

The transition will not impact current business pickup schedules or residential recycling options.

"It fits our company culture, which is progressive and accepting of new ideas," said Shine. "To our team members, Fridays are your day; whatever you want to do, spend them how you like."

As of April 2022, only 31 companies within the U.S. implemented a four-day workweek, according to Newsweek. The operational change is the first known announcement of a long-term structural shift by a recycler.

Sunnking hopes to lead the way for other waste management companies to give their hard-working employees the work culture they deserve.


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