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How Deep is the Corruption & Cover-Up

Howard Eagle

By the time this article is published, the Monroe County Legislature MIGHT have new leadership. It appears that primarily, two predominantly local, well-connected, Hispanic factions are battling it out over whose turn it is.

If I was part of the decision-making in this particular case, I would have to go with Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons over Yversha Roman. At least Ms. Vazquez-Simmons is fairly visible in the Black community. On the other hand, I don't ever recall seeing Ms. Roman in the Black community. The closest I've ever seen her to the Black community is at the Irish bar on West Ridge Road (right beyond the border of Greece), at Democratic L.D. caucus meetings during election time. In fact, some within the establishment-based-political-Black-community have said that Ms. Roman "thinks she's a white girl." I have no knowledge of this (one way or the other). If it is true, that's not something that I would hold against her. People have a right to identify however they choose. 

However, I would also have a problem supporting Rachel Barnhart, precisely because of her unwillingness to deal with RACISM, especially as it relates to MANY white Rochester City School District (RCSD) teachers, the latter of whom I have witness her defending even when they were dead wrong (probably because both her parents used to be in the RTA club). Additionally, she's always making silly, potentially racist statements, such as talking about "a deal [with the Republican party] that [so-called] betrays [their, Democratic] party’s values.”

WHAT???!!! The difference between the local, state, and federal 'Democan' and 'Republicrat' parties'-values, especially and particularly as it relates to RACISM, is the same as the difference between that which Brother Malik El Shabazz described 60 years ago as the difference between the political-wolf-and-fox. Ms. Barnhart and other 'Democans' talk endlessly about "help for the the community," and yet never utter a single word, much less actually seriously address RACISM in a town, which all of them frequently act as if it is not even part of Monroe County, and which represents the second worst place in the thoroughly racist, white-supremacist-based-U.S.-nation-state for Black folks to live. In fact, anytime a golden opportunity is created to seriously address the problem, County "representatives" have followed the laissez-faire-hands-off-lead of City "representatives." It's just plain a-damn-amazing!!! 

Lastly, as usual, if we pay close attention it's not difficult to determine whose side the supposedly "objective" Rochester Beacon is supporting. I mean, talk about amazing --- how in the world do we logically explain the  thoroughly conspicuous fact that the Beacon story regarding this debacle does not mention a single word about the clearly credible ethics violations and likely criminal malfeasance on the part of many associated with Ms. Roman, which was apparently uncovered by none other than super-conservative Robert Lonsberry, and of which  Ms. Vazquez-Simmons has filed a formal complaint? So much for objectivity. One can only wonder --- exactly how deep is the corruption and cover-up?



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