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Dentist Nicholas Nicosia Takes Legal Actions after Scrutiny, Accusations of Hosting Racist Party

Nicholas Nicosia

Nicholas Nicosia, the dentist at the center of a controversial party, has become the subject of intense scrutiny and debate. Recently, Nicosia took legal action against attorney Nathan McMurray and Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart, accusing them of defaming him and causing significant harm to his dental practice and family.

Nicosia vehemently denies the allegations against him, asserting that the party he hosted last July was not intended to mock black Americans or belittle the significance of the Juneteenth holiday. He argues that the presence of Kentucky Fried Chicken and other food items had no racial connotations. Furthermore, Nicosia's lawsuit emphasizes that the event did not sexualize Rachel Barnhart or display any signs that could be misconstrued as offensive.

According to the reports, Nicosia claims that the false allegations and subsequent media attention have irreparably damaged his dental practice and taken a toll on his family's well-being. He revealed that he even received an anonymous letter suggesting he should take his own life, highlighting the severe emotional distress caused by this case. The destruction of his professional reputation and the potential loss of livelihood are significant consequences that Nicosia and his family have had to endure.

The Democrat & Chronicle reported Nicholas Nicosia accused McMurray and Barnhart of seeking to "promote their careers by ginning up hate crime hoaxes, regardless of the damage done, not only, in this case, to Nicosia but to race relations in municipalities such as Rochester."

The allegations of racism are related to firefighter Jerrod Jones' lawsuit against the Rochester Fire Department. He alleged racial discrimination that extends beyond the party and dates back to his employment in 2007. Jones is seeking $5 million in compensation for emotional distress and damage to his reputation. Jones was allegedly coerced into attending the private party that mocked Juneteenth, a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

In response to Jones' lawsuit, the Nicosias released a statement denying any racism and promising a full and comprehensive response. They assert their long-standing support for the diverse Rochester community and urge the public to consider the full story before passing judgment.

The Nicosias held a news conference in which Mrs. Mary Nicosia admitted to posting racist content on Twitter under a pseudonym.

The allegations and news conference sparked a wave of public outcry on social media platforms like Facebook. Many users expressed their concerns and called for accountability, hoping that the couple would face consequences for their actions. Some social media users believe the incident has tarnished the reputation of Nicolas and Mary, the medical community, and the city of Rochester.

While Nicosia maintains his innocence, the evidence against the couple is overwhelming.

Barnhart and McMurray have not responded publicly to the lawsuit. However, they are required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff and to serve a copy of the answer on the plaintiff(s) at the address indicated in the filing within 20 days after the service of the Summons (not counting the day of service itself), or within 30 days after service is complete if the Summons is not delivered personally to you within the State of New York. If they fail to answer, a judgment will be entered against them by default for the relief demanded in the complaint, according to the lawsuit.


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