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Demario Strickland Named Interim Superintendent

Demario Strickland, currently the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, has been selected by the Rochester Board of Education to serve as Interim Superintendent starting July 1, 2024. Board members noted his appointment brings a wealth of experience, a strong educational background, and a dedication to transformational leadership that will benefit the District.

Reports confirmed Strickland is pursuing a doctorate in Education Leadership at D’Youville University. He is expected to complete his degree by August 2024. He also holds credentials in various educational fields from esteemed institutions such as Canisius College, the University at Buffalo, Fordham University, and Niagara University. 

Strickland has held leadership roles within educational organizations, including the RCSD, Buffalo City School District, and the New York City Department of Education.

Strickland believes his passion, innovative mindset, extensive experience, and proven leadership skills will drive the District’s mission to create a culture of academic excellence and a community characterized by empathy, equity, and accountability.

Incoming Interim Superintendent Demario Strickland stated, “My unwavering dedication lies in the realm of teaching and learning. Educational excellence acts as a guiding light for every student in our community. I am committed to empowering students, families, and staff to achieve success through the foundations set under Dr. Peluso’s leadership.”

Board President Cynthia Elliott expressed excitement over Strickland's appointment, citing his extensive background and proven leadership as assets that will steer the District successfully through this transitional period, ensuring continued achievement for students and the community.


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