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City Opens New Culturally Significant Book Nooks to Encourage Young Readers

Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash

The City of Rochester has opened new culturally significant Book Nooks to encourage young readers.

The Book Nooks are stocked with reading materials covering varied interests and are culturally responsive for all age groups.

“Like so many people who love to read, I have wonderful memories from my childhood of being alone with a book in one of my favorite reading spots and being transported to the furthest reaches of my imagination,” Evans said. “I learned at an early age that the joy of reading is an experience that extends beyond the words on the page to include favorite places to read. By helping our children appreciate the full range of that experience, we are helping them become life-long lovers of reading.”

According to the city, books are provided by the Junior Library Guild with funding from the city’s fund to support implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on Racial and Structural Equity (RASE).

The city says Book Nooks have been installed in the City’s R-Centers and in the Teen Center in the Loretta C. Scott Center for Human Services, 57 St. Paul St.

The books are published for youth in grades K-12 in the R-Centers and 7-12 in the Teen Center. Youth will have the option to read books on site or to take a book home to read and return to the site.


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