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City Kicks off Fall Recreation Programs, After-School Hours at R-Centers Sept. 11

Mayor Malik D. Evans announced, Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023, that the City’s neighborhood R-Centers and recreation facilities will begin fall programming and after-school schedules Monday Sept. 11 with hundreds of programs to keep children physically active, mentally engaged and emotionally supported by caring adults.

“Rochester’s R-Centers and recreation programs offer a wide and creative range of opportunities for children and young people to have fun after school while keeping their bodies fit and their minds sharp,” said Evans. “And they provide parents the comfort of knowing their children are in the presence of responsible adults with a sincere desire to see the kids under their care succeed in life."

Starting Sept. 11, City R-Centers will be open until 9 p.m. and serve dinner to children who register as members. Some Centers will also have Saturday hours.

Fall recreation programs at the city’s R-Centers and facilities span a wide range of interests and activities. These include traditional sports and athletic programs, such as skills and conditioning clinics at the Rochester Community Sports Complex, team sports and dance classes at the R-Centers and open recreation during the after-school hours. Academic enrichment programs include computer coding classes; life-skills training and nature exploration. Other offerings include cooking classes, E-sports and gaming; and ceramics. The R-Centers also host committees of the Youth Voice One Vision leadership program; and the popular Biz Kid$ youth entrepreneurship program will continue this fall.

The City will also be continuing a pilot program to offer Social Emotional Health and Wellness services with certified mental health counselors at four R-Centers. As part of the program, all R-Center staff are receiving training to better identify and respond to the emotional and social needs of children in their care.

"I encourage all parents and caregivers to learn more about our R-Centers and recreation programs to learn about these valuable services that can enrich the lives of their children,” Evans said.

The City also offers a fee-based After School in the Park camp at Cobbs Hill Park. And during the month of September, National Library Card Month, City library branches will be promoting library card applications for children.

All city residents are eligible to participate in City recreation programs or utilize recreation facilities, most of which is free. To take advantage of these services, residents simply create an online account using the R-Central registration tool on the City website.

To learn more about fall recreation programs, R-Center offerings, or to register on R-Central, visit


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