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Business Weekly: Meet Marvin Maye

Marvin K. Maye, a versatile professional with extensive experience in real estate, takes pride in managing a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties in the Southwest quadrant of Rochester. His commitment to community service is evident through his involvement in various local programs such as the Young Fathers Program, Young Men’s Rights of Passage, and Summer Camp Scholarships.

Maye’s strategic approach involves revitalizing underutilized properties to unlock their full potential for the benefit of the community. Despite challenges posed by discrepancies between community needs and city codes, he remains dedicated to transforming properties into vibrant assets that enhance the neighborhood's streetscape.

Alongside overseeing commercial properties like Zeb’s Plaza II, S. Plymouth Plaza, and the Walgreens Building, Maye also manages a portfolio of residential dwellings. His vision is to collaborate with architects and engineers to develop these properties into thriving spaces that contribute positively to the local area.

Furthermore, Maye is an EPA Certified Lead Abatement Firm, ensuring his work meets all environmental regulations to create safe living environments for over three decades. His focus on lead reduction stems from a desire to protect young children from harmful exposure. Additionally, Maye advocates for young people to pursue trades in essential fields, emphasizing their importance in the community's growth and stability. These roles are crucial and cannot be outsourced, highlighting the significance of local talent and expertise in building a strong and sustainable community.

For more info visit: WWW.LETSBELEADSAFE.NET



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