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Baden Street Settlement Receives $8.1 Million in Funding

Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Demond Meeks visited Baden Street Settlement to announce the inclusion of $8.1 million in funding for the facility in the Enacted State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2024-25 Budget. They confirmed that the funding will enable Baden Street Settlement to enhance its services for families in need throughout Northeast Rochester.

Heastie expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to stand alongside Meeks in announcing the funding for Baden Street Settlement. He emphasized their commitment to supporting families in New York by investing in community organizations like Baden Street Settlement. Assemblymember Meeks, who advocated for this funding, expressed his excitement for the future of Baden Street with this investment.

The visit was attended by Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, Reverend James Cherry, Jr. from Antioch Baptist Church, as well as members of Baden Street Settlement's Board of Directors, staff, and other community members. Together, they toured the facility, which has been serving the Rochester community since 1901, adapting to the changing needs of residents over the years. According to reports, the $8.1 million capital funding will support the construction of a new facility, renovation of the gymnasium, and expansion of essential services such as emergency assistance, youth and adult development, peer services, and senior services.

Evans commended the long-standing service of Baden Street Settlement to the community and expressed gratitude for the transformative investment that will shape their future. Bello highlighted the importance of this funding in improving lives within the community and recognized the dedication of Heastie and Meeks in securing this vital support for Baden Street Settlement.


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