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A Call for Action to “Respect Rochester” Launches

Photo Credit: Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

Mayor Malik D. Evans, joined by City officials, staff and Matt Apple, CEO of Walk for Rochester, launched "Respect Rochester” today, the City’s new anti-littering campaign. The initiative serves as a rallying call for residents, businesses, and property owners to join the City in creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier community.  


“Imagine a city where every block tells a story of partnership, engagement, and community pride; that is the vision behind our Respect Rochester campaign,” said Mayor Evans. “I am asking everyone to join forces in beautifying the city. It’s about more than just cleaning up; it’s about coming together to revitalize our shared spaces. We all must work together to make Rochester shine, so that every street corner reflects the pride we have in our city.” 


The City’s Department of Environmental Services is intensifying trash removal efforts along targeted commercial corridors in partnership with Neighborhood Service Centers that will support these efforts through intensified code enforcement and organizing and equipping volunteers who want to help keep the city clean. 


To keep the anti-littering message top of mind, the City is rolling out branded “Respect Rochester” trash receptacles along commercial corridors, and grabbers, gloves, and trash bags will be available to anyone organizing a beautification event in their area. 


Alongside City efforts, property owners, business operators, and neighbors are encouraged to access services or participate in events for ongoing beautification projects throughout the year. 


Ways to get involved: 

  • Sign-up for the city-wide Clean Sweep, Saturday, May 4, 2024  


For more information go to: 


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