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5 Reasons Your Rochester Family Should Adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog can be one of the best things to ever happen to your family. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, around 38% of families in the country have a dog. Having a pet provides incredible benefits for your children and the entire household. Let's find out why you should look at adoption centers near Rochester.

1. You'll Be Active and Healthier

One of the great benefits of having a dog is that you have to walk or play with it. Many breeds might not be so lively, but you still have to make sure they have some way to release energy. Therefore, you'll be active, too. You can include them in your daily exercise to bond, and they'll make the whole experience more fun.

Additionally, dogs are natural stress relievers. Studies have shown that people with pets have lower blood pressure. They make you smile and forget about your troubles, at least briefly, which makes them beneficial to your mental health as well. Over 264 million people worldwide have depression, and dogs can provide comfort to help them get through it. There's a reason they're called 'man's best friends.

2. You'll be Saving Their Life

No one should judge or shame anyone who wants to buy a dog, but adopting one from a shelter in Rochester will save their lives. Unfortunately, some people don't research properly or think having a dog is not a big commitment. These poor creatures end up in shelters with no one to care for them. Some don't make it out. If your family chooses to adopt, you can save at least one of their lives.

You'll get a wonderful pet that's grateful to your family, and you can tell all your friends about the experience to pique their interest. Therefore, you'll be saving even more pups.

3. Adoption Is Less Expensive

Buying a pet from a breeder comes with even more costs. You'll have to pay the actual price of the dog plus vet bills, vaccinations, microchipping, etc. Dogs in shelters will usually have all their vaccines up to date and come with a microchip installed already. There might be an adoption fee that helps the center keep going, but it shouldn't be that pricey.

An adopted dog will probably also be fixed, so you won't have to worry about accidental pregnancies or dealing with dog periods. Furthermore, some shelters offer a few vet visits and some insurance for a short period after the adoption, which is a way to incentivize others to adopt.

4. You Contribute to the Economy

Having a dog means you're giving jobs to several people, such as staff at veterinary clinics and pet stores. People who make pet clothes also benefit from dog owners. The industry of dog daycare has even become more popular lately. As of 2022, over 19 million dogs went to their daycare each month.

Therefore, having a pet helps advance the economy of Rochester and every other city. You just need to be a responsible pet parent. Dogs deserve the world because they provide more than money can buy.

5. You Get a Chance to Make New Friends

Having a dog will make you go to places you have never visited before, such as dog parks, stores, clinics, and more. Therefore, you'll meet new people and interact with other dog owners along your route. You can make new friends thanks to your shared interest in puppies.

Perhaps you form close bonds with other pet owners, but being outside and seeing other people will better your life. Children can also make more friends because having a dog helps them develop vital social skills. They'll talk about their pets to other kids and bond.

These examples are enough reasons to start researching Rochester adoption shelters to find the pup of your dreams. Remember not to judge any breed because a dog can be loving if raised correctly. Give it a try and add a new pup to your house.


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