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5 Reasons You Need to See a Physical Therapist After a Car Accident in Rochester

After a car accident in Rochester, it is essential that you see a physical therapist. According to The Good Body, there are 312,716 physical therapists in the United States that are licensed. A licensed physical therapist can help you get past your Rochester car accident. Here are five reasons why you need to see a physical therapist after a car accident.

1. Improved Recovery

According to AllLaw, most personal injuries stem from car accidents. In some cases, the recovery process from a car accident in Rochester and other areas can be a very long road. You may feel fine when you are in the early stages of recovery and on pain medication. However, returning to full function requires that you are not dependent on pain medication.

Physical therapists support recovery from all types of injuries that occur in a car accident. Most people equate "serious injuries" with broken bones. However, some of the "less serious" injuries can be just as painful and require physical therapy to get past. The physical therapist uses techniques that help you return to your everyday life.

2. Long-Term Disability

One of the key goals of physical therapy is to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Car accidents in Rochester can cause long-term problems. Most people don't realize how injuries can fester and cause long-term issues when they are not fully addressed.

When an injury is not fully addressed, it can turn into a problem that reduces the range of motion. Starting physical therapy right after a car accident in Rochester can reduce the risk that you will lose your range of motion. Physical therapy safely keeps your body in motion so that muscles do not atrophy.

3. Pain Control

It may sound counterintuitive, but moving your body through physical therapy can help to control pain. We know that painkillers can temporarily relieve pain, but we also know that painkillers are highly addictive and come with unique unwanted side effects. Physical therapy processes can help to control pain naturally.

With physical therapy, you don't get temporary relief from pain as you do with prescription medication; you get a long-term solution for pain control. Of course, you also are not risking addiction and unwanted side effects.

4. Reduce the Need for Surgery

Physical therapy after a car accident in Rochester can help to reduce the need for surgery now and in the future. Pain conditions that are brought on by a car accident, like lower back pain, neck pain, and other pain, can be offset with physical therapy. Some car accident victims who don't get the proper aftercare have surgery many years after a car accident.

Dealing with the problem now can help reduce the need for surgery. Physical therapy aftercare is necessary for anyone who sustains any injury after a car accident.

5. It Works

Physical therapy works. Patients heal faster and more completely with physical therapy after a car accident in Rochester. It works best if you start seeing a physical therapist right after the accident, but it can also help years later. Car accidents can cause serious damage. Getting the right aftercare is essential to help you heal and return to your normal routine.

However, even if you have an old injury from a car accident in Rochester many years ago, physical therapy can help. Physical therapy can restore range of motion, reduce muscle and joint pain, and keep your body in motion.

According to Bankrate, the cost of a disabling injury caused in a car accident is about $101,000 in economic losses; a fatal car accident tallies up about $1,750,000 in economic losses. While the economic losses are high, personal losses are even higher. Don't risk not recovering fully, get the support you need after a car accident in Rochester.

Physical therapy can work wonders. You deserve the opportunity to recover fully. Call today to make your appointment.


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