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4 Rochester Home Improvement Projects Worth the Cost in 2023

Working on home improvement projects is something that takes time and money. This is the reason why you need to pick the right home improvement projects to do. These should be worth the cost so that you can get maximum value for your investment. That said, here are four of the best home improvement projects worth their cost in 2023 for your home in Rochester.

1. An Addition Project

An addition project could prove to be worth the time and money because it essentially increases your home's livable space. The specific project that you do will depend on things such as the layout of your house and the addition that you'd like to make. In some cases, you can add space horizontally, while in others, you can add space upwards.

According to Bob Vila, in the case of a home addition or third-floor renovation, it's best to use a crane. That's because a crane can boom out around 42 feet, which is enough to get to the top floors of a number of homes. Working with a professional will help you figure out things like this and other details for the project.

2. A Bathroom Remodel

Another worthwhile project you can do to your Rochester home in 2023 for maximum value is a bathroom remodel. This is because there are many things that you can change in the bathroom, and the space itself sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. According to Zillow, an upscale bathroom remodel has a national average ROI of 56.2%.

Clearly, if you pick the right elements to remodel and work with a good plan, you stand to benefit from the project immensely. For example, you can increase the storage space or give it a refreshing new look. This will ensure that it meets your current needs as a growing family with changing tastes.

3. Landscaping

In order to make sure that both your interior and exterior spaces are in the best shape, you should also think about doing some landscaping. This can increase the value and appeal of your home, giving your curb appeal a boost. Note that over 40% of homeowners in 2017 used their outdoor space for entertaining. If you'd like to make your own landscape better for entertaining, think about some of the most relevant and attainable improvements that you can make. From starting a garden to adding some lighting, there are various things that you can do to upgrade your landscape.

4. A Patio or Deck Project

Finally, you could take on a deck or patio project if your home doesn't have one. Adding these outdoor features is an amazing way for you to give your home instant appeal from the outside. You can use these spaces for entertaining as well, making parties and events a lot more fun and practical. Pick the right material for your deck so that you can keep up with maintenance and ensure that it retains its value well.

If you already have a deck or a patio, you can still make it more valuable by adding a screen around it. This could either be partial or full depending on the use that you have for the deck. You can also add lighting and new outdoor furniture to give it an upgrade. To make it usable for an extended period, you can add some lighting to it so that when the weather permits, you can spend as long as you like outside.

With proper planning and execution, these four home improvement projects are going to give you amazing returns. Set aside a reasonable budget and find the right professionals for the job. This way, you can get an amazing outcome and only be left with maintenance to think about.


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