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YWCA Invites Community Members to Join the 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge

To promote awareness and action against racial injustice, the YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County proudly launched of the 2024 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge, beginning April 1. This initiative is part of the Until Justice Just Is campaign, a month-long endeavor aimed at spotlighting systemic racism and empowering individuals to drive meaningful change.

The Racial Justice Challenge serves as the practical arm of the Until Justice Just Is campaign, providing participants with a structured platform to engage with issues of race, power, privilege and leadership. By dedicating just a few moments each day, individuals can foster personal reflection, embrace social responsibility and explore avenues to dismantle racism and other forms of discrimination.

"By participating in the 21-Day Challenge, we have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of racial injustice and take practical steps towards positive change. Let's harness the power of community and collective action to create a more equitable and inclusive society," says Dr. Myra Henry, President & CEO.

Over the course of four weeks, participants will receive daily challenges through the Challenge app and website, covering a range of topics including:

  • Bodily Autonomy

  • Transportation 

  • Gun violence

  • Women’s Financial Empowerment/Caregiving

Activities may include reading articles, listening to podcasts, reflecting on personal experiences and connecting with fellow participants from across the country.

Join YWCA in this transformative journey toward a more just society. Register now for the 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge and be a part of the solution by visiting

Together, we can make strides in overcoming racial inequality and building a brighter future for all.

For media inquiries, please contact: Jessica Riddick | | 336-508-1083

To learn about the YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County visit


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