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We’re Stuffed! Rochester Animal Shelter Facing Overcrowding

Thanksgiving Holiday Fostering Program Now Open

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In recent years, the City of Rochester's Animal Shelter has faced a growing challenge with overcrowding. The shelter is seeking the public’s help to provide the quality care the city’s furry friends deserve.

During the upcoming holiday, Rochester Animal Services (RAS) is offering a Thanksgiving Holiday Fostering Program, in which individuals can provide a pet with a festive break from the shelter.

Like with all RAS foster families, those who provide a loving home from Friday, Nov. 17 through Saturday, Nov. 25 will receive all necessary food and supplies.

Fosters who fall in love with their guest once the week is up will have adoption fees waived to help turn a for-now friend into forever family.

Visit the front desk at Rochester Animal Services, 184 Verona St., for more information on how to participate in the Thanksgiving Holiday Fostering Program.

At the same time, the RAS team encourages those who are considering finding a new home for their cherished pet to directly explore rehoming. Using personal knowledge of a pet’s needs to find a new family, without a stop in a shelter, makes transitioning to a new home easier.

For more information on RAS, adoption, fostering, rehoming, and more, visit the City of Rochester Animal Services web page.


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