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The Annual Great NYS Fair is back in Syracuse NY

Staff Report

Great New York State Fair

The annual spectacle of the Great New York State Fair is back! The Fair launched in Syracuse on Wednesday, August 23. Spanning across 13 days, the event will come to a close on September 4, 2023.

Marking the 10-year milestone of the Taste NY initiative, a groundbreaking program advocating 'eat local, drink local,' New York State commemorates a decade of celebrating its Taste NY program. The initiative stands as the official representation of local farmers, food and beverage artisans, and their distinctive creations nurtured and crafted within the state.

Event organizers reveal that the Horticulture Building within the fairgrounds will host a convergence of premier growers, producers, manufacturers, and apiculturists hailing from every corner of the state.

The setting will offer an array of interactive displays, seminars, and product stalls that accentuate the diversity and quality of New York State's agricultural tapestry. Additionally, the Taste NY Pop-Up Market and Marketplace will showcase an enriched assortment, boasting over 100 unique products in a fresh location directly opposite the Maple Booth.

One of the fair's highlights is the Taste NY-hosted Tasting Yard situated at Suburban Park, featuring the offerings of seven local breweries. This outdoor, patio-style gastronomic encounter is ingeniously curated to rotate through seven of New York State's craft breweries during the fair's duration.

Attendees can savor the excellence of New York's craft beverages while relishing live musical performances, all the while giving brewers a platform to engage with new patrons.

"In the midst of the splendid Great New York State Fair, we are granted the opportunity to showcase the myriad aspects of New York that evoke admiration, particularly its culinary offerings. From the moment Taste NY was introduced to the fair, it has acted as the conduit for introducing our visitors to the delectable spectrum of edibles and beverages that our state's producers proudly present," remarked Sean Hennessey, Director of the NYS Fair. He further added, "The fair is steadfast in its commitment to infuse our sprawling 375-acre space with the bounty of New York's culinary and beverage prowess. The Horticulture Building emerges as an ideal domain for fairgoers to delve into local food and agriculture, securing the chance to acquire exquisite local produce for their own enjoyment."

The united efforts of the Taste NY Marketplace and Taste NY Pop-Up Market will shine a spotlight on producers from every corner of the Empire State.

Recent times saw Governor Hochul's announcement underscoring Taste NY's remarkable expansion since its inception in 2013. The initiative's decade-long journey has bestowed over $100 million in economic enrichment upon New York State producers. Over the course of these ten years, Taste NY has forged partnerships with prominent sports venues and aligned with notable event organizers, effectively infiltrating major occasions such as the Great New York State Fair, an annual spectacle that beckons over a million visitors during its two-week run.

To commemorate the decade-long saga of the Taste NY program, celebrate the vibrancy of New York's county and youth fairs, and accentuate the state's culinary, beverage, and agritourism assets, Taste NY unveiled its "Find Me at the Fair" competition.

"Find Me at the Fair" introduces a distinctive New York State-themed selfie station, inviting fair attendees to partake in an interactive experience with the chance to secure prizes. The array of rewards encompasses Taste NY regional gift baskets and the grand prize—exclusive VIP seating for the fair's musical performances.

"While the Great New York State Fair offers an abundance of reasons for enjoyment, the ultimate focus remains the culinary panorama. Over the last decade, the presence of Taste NY at the fair has flourished and expanded," voiced Richard Ball, New York State Agriculture Commissioner.


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